To go to the movie or not, that is the question

I heard that there is a new movie out called Escape from Planet Earth.  I am wondering if it is worth going to see, what with all the bad reviews of it.  Maybe it is just hate-mail and early reviews, but with a 4.3/10, I am not going to pay good money to see it at the local theater.  What is your opinion?

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Fun link

Here is a fun site that I like to go to fairly often.

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My Fish Tank

In my new 33 long, I have 5 Pygmy Corydoras, 1 Clown Plecostomus, 3 Dwarf African Aquatic Frogs, two Amano Shrimp, one Cichlid, 4 Guppies, and 5 Neon Tetras.  I also have dozens of Malaysian Cone Snails, and a huge infestation of hair algae.  It is all over my plants.  Does anybody know a good cure for hair algae that doesn’t kill frogs?

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I couldn’t resist putting this one on, even though my blog isn’t really about this kind of thing. I visited the Athabasca glaciers myself, and it was stunningly beautiful. The ice was a such a deep blue, and it was snowing lightly. Too bad that global warming is melting the ice caps and glaciers.

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I have two pairs of guppies, and one is pregnant.  I think she has been pregnant for two to three weeks, and I hope that she will give birth soon.  She has gotten pretty big, but still seems to be growing.  Hopefully she will give birth soon, because we have all beeen waiting for a long time.

She is constantly harassed by the two males, because the other female guppy is not mature enough.  By the way, I also have an invasion of hair algae.  I think that the guppies are eating it, but they are also eating my plants.  More updates later.

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Fish – Cichlids

In my brief encounters with cichlids, they were highly prolific and aggressive fish to raise.  They ate a lot, and when it was all over, there was 117 fish.  I had started with two pairs, and I don’t know how they were that succesful.  The breeding tank was a 30 gallon tall, and was heavily planted.  Despite the downsides (fighting, eating a lot), the pink farm-raised cichlids were one of my favorites.  I kept one, the smallest, and he is called Tiny, for previously correct terms.  Now, not so much.

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The First Post

Hi everybody!  This is my very first post, and this forum is going to be about books and aquariums.  Feel free to post suggestions but keep in mind this is my first blog.

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